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i am Seabiscuit’s monkey

Jim and monkey

Seabiscuit’s monkey

The Mister calls Jane “Seabiscuit”, because she reminds him a lot of that race horse:

  • Jane and Seabiscuit were born to be racers.
  • They both weren’t so interested in racing, but if they caught a buddy’s eye just right, zoom! good luck catching them!
  • They’re both undersized.
  • They are both professional sleepers.
  • But most of all, they both need their critter-posse.

Seabiscuit had his horse buddy, two dogs, and a monkey his owners found on a track. I’m Jane’s critter-posse and she found me at the Hern Greyt Works.

When FoodLady wanted to bring Jane home, she agreed with the Greyt Adoption Team that Jane could not be an only dog.  She needed a companion, someone who could show her how to be a confident dog.

FoodLady told the Greyt Adoption Team to let it be Jane’s decision who would go home with her a as a friend. Jane picked me!

FoodLady and me think it was nice to give Jane the choice. I saw FoodLady so many times at the kennel, and she loves all the greyhounds. She gave me lots of kisses on the head way before it was even a remote possibility for me, or Jane, to go live with her. I know she loves me.

So when The Mister asked FoodLady if maybe Jim was feeling sad, or left out, or not special, because FoodLady didn’t directly choose me, that am I just Seabiscuit’s monkey, I wanted to shout out:

silly boy! ask the Greyt Adoption Team to tell you The Big Truth:  most of the time, even when the humans think that they picked the greyhound, the Greyt Adoption Team and us greyhounds know that most of the time, we greyhounds pick our people and our greyhound friends.

So as long as we all know the truth, we can laugh about Jane and me being Seabiscuit and his monkey.

ooh ooh ooh eee eee eee aah aah aah

thank you for the stuffies

Jim and elephant

Jim loves his elephant

Dear Nigel, Oscar, Miss Cali, and Penny,

Thank you so much for the welcome home card and stuffies that you gave us. We have been squeaking away with them. Jane likes to shake the dragon and his wings hit her in the face, then she laughs. The elephant is my favorite toy in the whole house. I even carry it from the dining room play area to my bed at night, and I bring it out to breakfast with me. I love to throw it in the air and make it squeak.

Thank you for being friends.

Your friends,

Jim and Jane

Jim and his elephant

Jim and his elephant

trouble with tribbles

When a new greyhound comes to live with FoodLady and The Mister, they keep our names from the track. Eventually, they give us a middle name. when the time is right. when the right name comes to light.

FoodLady thinks that since my name is Jim, it must be a nickname for James. and if my name is James, then my middle name must be Tiberius, making me James Tiberius “Jim”.  So, she took this picture. She thinks it funny. But more important is…

Mr. Jim

Mr. Jim

Who’s more handsome?

trouble with tribbles: Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

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