Author: Jane

we met our Mom-Mom – she has a superpower

smiling Jim with eyes rolled back

Jim smiling after Mom-Mom’s scritch-o-rama

Our Mom-Mom came to meet us! She is FoodLady’s Mom. She is really nice. I was too nervous to get close to her, but by the end of her visit, I was circling close and sniffing her toes, as long as she didn’t look at me.

Jim made good friends with her and learned that Mom-Mom has a superpower: she can scritch your ears for hours! as long as you still want scritches, she can keep scratching. After Jim was done getting scritches, he rolled his eyes to the back of his head and smiled.

One day, I won’t be so nervous to be around Mom-Mom and she will invoke her superpower on me, and it will be my eyes that roll to the back of my head.

Even though I was too nervous to tell her, I love my Mom-Mom.

thank you, Auntie Kate

tuckered out Jim

Jim is tuckered out from playing hard

Dear Auntie Kate,

Thank you for the toys you gave us. We like them and play with them a lot. Sorry we were too nervous when you came to visit to play with them then.

I really like the floppy toy. I like to shake toys and I laugh when they hit me in the face. Jim really likes the one with the ball at the end – he throws it around, and can even catch it. We all have to stay clear when he’s playing with it so that he doesn’t clobber us!

Here’s a picture of Jim after he was done playing hard. He can hardly keep himself up.

I’ve got my eye on you

got my eye on you

Jane: I’ve got my eye on The Mister

I admit I’m timid, shy, sometimes downright scared. Usually, especially of men. I met The Mister about a year ago at the Hern Greyt Works. I ran the heck away, and hid in the back of my run. He seems different here at home. I’m not afraid, but I told him, “I got my eye on you.”

Hmmmf…so does Mr. Jim.

Mr Jim's watching you

Mr Jim: I got my eye on you, too.

What do you have your eye on?  Tell me – I want to know!


so this is home

Here’s some pictures of our first steps into our new home. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through this door. or if I wanted to “play” FoodLady and the Mister like I did with the volunteers in the Greyt Works big yard. But, FoodLady and The Mister stepped back, and I leaped into my future. Jim was right behind me.

Jane and Jim come in

Stepping in our future.

Checking out the new digs

Checking out the new digs.

Taking a break

After a lot of sniffing and exploring, we decided to relax for a minute.

I believe I can hang out wit you fellas for a little while

In the words of Billy Ray Valentine (movie: Trading Places), “I believe I can hang out wit’ you fellas for a little while.”

queen of all I survey

We got adopted!

That’s me in the header picture. I am queen of all I survey!

Jane and Jim arrive home

On Saturday, me (maroon collar) and my friend, Jim (blue collar), arrived home! We were so excited!



I think we landed good!

I think we landed good! Jim thinks we inherited a farm! I’m no going to tell him those are carrots, not kibble trees.

Auntie Lee Ann said:

[I] am dancing for joy that OUR Miss Jane, and Mr. Jim, have found their forever homes. I say OUR because everyone at the kennel feels like Jane and Jim were theirs and we all rejoice in this day.


She is right – I may live with FoodLady and The Mister, but me and my sisters got so much love and care when we were at the Hern Greyt Works kennel that all of the volunteers are our family. We are forever greytful to them. That’s one reason I started this blog – so that my extended family can keep in touch with me.



Do you volunteer somewhere? where? what do you do?  Are you queen (or king) of all you survey?  Tell me about it in the comments!