Let share adventures

I’m here on an adventure.  It would be so greyt if we share the adventure together!

Let’s share some laughs! Let’s play! have contests! do some yoga! nap!

Let’s explore trust: trusting, being trusted, earning trust.

Let’s practice patience. and confidence.

Let’s talk about respecting the essence of each Being. about being comfortable in our own skin. about the pleasure of just being.

My name is Jane.

I’m happy, petite, black, and beautiful. I have brown eyes and an expressive face.  I was born in January, 2009 at a greyhound track. In October 2010, me and my sisters won the lottery: bus tickets to the Hern Greyt Works, the kennel of Greyhound Pets, Inc. in Washington.

I’m very shy. I don’t trust everyone right away. New places, noises, and some people make me really timid. I used to be much more shy, but my Aunties and Uncles at the Greyt Works helped me learn that most people are ok.

I like to wallow in kiddies pools, go for walks where there are no trucks or buses, squeak squeaky toys, and run and play with my friend, Jim, and my sisters, Sophie and BB.

What’s your name?

Let’s keep in touch: