sweetness of Mr Jim

In the classes and studying I’ve done about meditation and REM sleep, there is the idea that our minds are most open first thing in the morning, in that space between being asleep and being fully awake.

Over the years, I’ve found that to be true with my dogs.

It’s a time of day when their fears and quirks are temporarily tucked away.

This time of day has been Jane’s best time, for sure. She’s as joyful as Julia was – happy to be awake, wriggling, wagging her tail, and asking for love.

One morning recently, though, I saw a whole different dimension of Jim. So far,  first thing in the morning is a rush to the yard to take care of morning business.  It took only 2 days for him to learn that right after morning business is breakfast. So, as soon as he realizes that FoodLady is awake, and that we’re getting up, he’s up and ready and dancing to get outside.

This morning was different – The Mister had a really really early appointment, which woke the dogs up. I let them outside at oh-dark-thirty, but when they came back in, I escorted them back to bed: it’s too early for breakfast. They had no complaints about going back to bed.

But then, a couple of hours later, when it really was time for breakfast, Jim wasn’t dancing to get outside. So, he was awake, but lazin’ it up on his bed – and that’s when I saw a new level of his inner sweetness.  I was giving him a good morning pet, and then he gave me The Signal. woo-hoo! Then, we hit the next level: he turned himself into a full-out belly-up: belly stretched as far to the sky as he could, front and back legs stretched as long as they could be, and then…..the smile!  As I rubbed his belly, he smiled even more. He even let me kiss his belly! Finally, the love fest was over, and he said “how ’bout some breakfast?”

2 comments for “sweetness of Mr Jim

  1. Rita
    September 22, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    That is such a sweet visual of FoodLady & Jim in the morning. Where are you sleeping at overnight Jane?

    • Jane
      September 23, 2012 at 9:41 pm

      Hi Rita! We miss you! At night, Jim and I sleep on beds made for senior citizen Great Danes – they are in FoodLady’s room. There’s 2 of them, and we share them. Most nights we start out one way and some time during the night, we switch. We have blankies too! and guess what? I don’t rip them up anymore! <3

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