recent highlights

FoodLady here to share some recent highlights.

  • when The Mister isn’t home, Jane is 90-95% a “normal” dog, just livin’ her life in her new pad, waggin’ her tail, lookin’ for loves, wanting to be loved on.
  • when The Mister is here and visible, she goes back to nervous circles and keeping an eye on him. Depending on where Jane and/or The Mister are located in the house at any given time, she runs away, or not, from him.
  • when The Mister gets down on the floor when Jane’s on a dog bed, she flops over and asks for one of his amazing massages.
  • Jane’s now eating in the dining room. One morning, she picked a spot, away from Mr Jim’s spot, but not all the way in the far corner of the living room like she had been. She kind of stood there, looked at me and said “yes, I think I’ll have my breakfast right here, please.”
  • Jim and Jane are eating well, and mind less and less if someone might be looking at them while they eat. I purposely go about the rest of my business in the kitchen, and if that happens to be to walk by one of them, I just do it. They’re now continuing to eat, instead of running away from their bowl.
  • both Jim and Jane know the words “cookie” “breakfast” “dinner” “timeToGoOut” “let’sGo” and “walk”.
  • both Jim and Jane know how to WAIT! and also how to wait. WAIT! means FoodLady is about to open a door or gate, and if anyone moves even a whisker, or thinks about moving a whisker, nobody’s going anywhere. No heavy breathing, no tail wags. Total calm and seriousness. Of course, we’re suited up for such an event. On the other hand, wait means hold it there, but it’s ok to breath. When the word is given, proceed forward (the word being: OK).
  • Jim’s leash manners have improved immensely. It’s been kind of like learning WAIT! – no one’s going anywhere if we’re trying to pull FoodLady down, and she has allllllll the time in the world to just stand in the street with her dogs. It doesn’t matter how far we go on a walk, as long as we’re showing good manners while we’re doing it.

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